Mens Seniors

Mens Seniors

Over the years Colne Golf Club has built a reputation for its’ senior section of being well organised, competitive and above all its friendliness.

Its fixture list of some 16 clubs they play both home and away as well as Senior’s opens and numerous other competitions is second to none.

In addition we have a weekly ‘swindle’ open to all seniors every Tuesday. During the winter months this starts at 10:30 with an 11:00 am tee off. In summer in order to accommodate home matches we start a bit earlier at 9:00 for a 9.30 tee off.

To join the ‘Swindle’ all you have to do is turn up at the club house at the appointed time all names are put in a hat and drawn in readiness for the tee off.

Just because they enjoy themselves does not mean to say they are not competitive, all you have to do is join in and find out for yourself, you will be made very welcome.


 Mens Seniors Fixtures 2019
Date Day Competition Home / Away Time
26th March  Tues Baxenden Home  
2nd April Tues Rishton Home
4th April Thurs Gt Harwood Away 12.00 noon 20
9th April  Tues Marsden Park Home
16th April  Tues Longridge Away 10.30 am 16
17th April  Weds Nelson Away 10.00 am 14
23rd April  Tues Bentham Home 12.00 noon 16
30th April  Tues Whalley Away 12.00 noon 20
2nd May  Thurs Blackburn Away 11.00 am 14
7th May  Tues Stonyhurst Home 12.00 noon
8th May Weds Casterton Away 9.45 am 16
14th May  Tues Seniors Stableford Competition
16th May  Thurs Baxenden Away 11.00 am 14
21st May  Tues Branshaw Home 12.00 noon 14
28th May  Tues Nelson Home 12.00 noon 14
30th May Thurs Bentham Away 10.00 am 16
4th June  Tues Seniors Stableford Competition
6th June  Thurs Bacup Away 11.00 am 12
11th June  Tues Settle Home 12.00 noon 12
17th June  Mon Green Haworth Away 10.30 am 12
20th June  Thurs Bury Away 11.00 am 16
25th June  Tues Blackburn Home 12.00 noon 14
2nd July  Tues Bacup Home 12.00 noon 12
4th July  Thurs Fishwick Hall Away 11.30 am 14
9th July  Tues Marsden Park Away 10.30 am 14
16th July  Tues Casterton Home 12.00 noon 16
18th July Thurs Settle Away 10.00 am 12
23rd July  Tues Seniors Open 4 Ball Colne
30th July  Tues Shaw Hill Home 12.00 noon 14
6th August  Tues Seniors Stableford Competition      
8th August  Thurs Stonyhurst Away 10.00 am 12
13th August Tues Whalley Home 12.00 noon 20
20th August  Tues Gt Harwood Home 12.00 noon 20
21st August Weds Mixed Seniors Open Colne
27th August  Tues Longridge Home 12.00 noon 16
29th August  Thurs Branshaw Away 9.30 am 14
3rd September  Tues Bury Home 12.00 noon 16
4th September  Weds Shaw Hill Away 9.20 am 14
10th September  Tues Carrorb Trophy 11.00 am
19th September  Thurs Rishton Away 10.45 am 16
24th September  Tues Green Haworth Home 12.00 noon 12
October  Seniors “Away Day”
1st October  Tues Fishwick Hall Home 12.00 noon 14
22nd October  Tues Turkey Shoot 11.00 am