Bench League

The 2021 fixtures for the traditional Bench League competition between eligible clubs in East Lancashire have now been published on a provisional basis and can be found below. The proposed list has been produced using the corresponding dates that were originally set for the 2020 season.

It is anticipated that the competition’s viability will be reviewed by the organisers in March 20121 with respect to the current difficulties we are all experiencing with Covid-19.

Bench League
Home TeamAway Team
Tuesday 11th MayBaxendenRishton
Tuesday 11th MayStonyhurstGt Harwood
Tuesday 11th MayBurnleyColne
Tuesday 18th MayBaxenden Stonyhurst
Tuesday 18th MayGt HarwoodBurnley
Tuesday 18th MayRishtonColne
Tuesday 25th MayStonyhurst Rishton
Tuesday 25th MayBurnleyBaxenden
Wednesday 26th MayColneGt Harwood
Tuesday 1st JuneRishtonGt Harwood
Tuesday 1st JuneStonyhurstBurnley
Wednesday 2nd JuneColneBaxenden
Tuesday 8th JuneBurnleyRishton
Tuesday 8th June BaxendenGt Harwood
Tuesday 8th JuneStonyhurstColne
Tuesday 15th June RishtonBaxenden
Tuesday 15th JuneGt HarwoodStonyhurst
Wednesday 16th JuneColneBurnley
Tuesday 29th JuneStonyhurstBaxenden
Tuesday 29th JuneBurnleyGt Harwood
Wednesday 30th JuneColneRishton
Tuesday 6th JulyRishtonStonyhurst
Tuesday 6th JulyBaxendenBurnley
Tuesday 6th JulyGt HarwoodColne
Tuesday 20th JulyBurnleyStonyhurst
Tuesday 20th JulyGt HarwoodRishton
Tuesday 20th JulyBaxendenColne
Tuesday 27th JulyRishton Burnley
Tuesday 27th JulyGt HarwoodBaxenden
Wednesday 28th JulyColneStonyhurst
Tuesday 3rd AugustFinals Night at Baxenden