Officials & Contacts

Phil Vernon President

Gareth Aspey: Captain 2021

Janet Nicholson: Lady Captain 2021

  • Vice Captain:
  • Lady Vice Captain: Tina Fishwick
  • Secretary: Alan Lonsdale
  • Lady Secretary:
  • Financial Manager: Howard Haworth
  • Co-Chair of Golf Committee (Gents): Gareth Aspey
  • Co-Chair of Golf Committee(Ladies): Anne Black
  • Chair of Grounds Committee: Ian Oliver
  • Chair of House & Bar Committee: Howard Lonsdale
  • Board Members: Anne Black, Howard Lonsdale, John Halstead
  • Senior Organisers: Stuart Duncan, David Chadwick, Alan Lonsdale
  • Stewardess:
  • Catering:

For those of you who are interested as to where some of the Management Team’s ideas come from the document is available as a download here England Golf: A Governance Guide for Golf Clubs